Hurray !! we’re online !

finally, after what felt like an eternity – we solved all development challenges and we ticked off the last feature on our large ToDo-List.
So we decided to share our vision with the world (with YOU) today.

So who is this website for ?

For all types of (hobby-)photographers / filmer, no matter if private or business

Mainly for those who are preparing Photo-Sessions together with Models/Clients and maybe a Crew.

How Photo-Session-Planner can help ?

On this trusted portal everybody can create their own detailed photo-sessions. And it is totally up to you how easy or complex you define it.

(How) can I trust this service ?

Same as we need to trust you as a visitor with best of intends and to keep out the “black sheeps”, we did a lot to secure our sites.
There is never a 100%-security – but we do our best to keep your data safe. First of all – Photo-Session-Planner is “made in Germany”.
So this is a good argument to convince. Technically we are not standing still and follow all advices of security leaks and we monitor the web-log to filter
out weird behaviors. Hence: you can trust us 🙂

Join our Web-Service today

come in and find out – you only need to register for a first “look&feel”. We appreciate every feedback that you can give. We haven’t stop developing, so we can pick up any idea or wish that you’ll have.. don’t hestitade to contact us – we won’t bite 🙂

Update: Improved Photo-Shoot-Report

Hey there. We received valualbe advice and worked right on it to implement it. Indeed it should be possible to jump from the report again into the related details, instead of going forth and backward via dashboard. Hence, we added the required links into the report for models and Photo-Sets which will open a new window and show the details you’ve entered there.

Example-Report :

Learnings with Cookies & Co

Finally we’re back – as promised. It took a while to get consulted about all the required laws and visitor-settings, which gets worser araound the world. So we as well had to find partners and tools to help us for adjusting all the settings and required text-blocks… hopefully we’re stable now…

Coming next : Equipment – Assignment

We take the comments from our users seriously. So indeed we must had to admit that we’ve forgotten another feature which might someone missed already : Soon you can also add your camera(s), Lens(es) and Accessories to your appointment to help you to plan and pack your suite. So – stay tuned ..

Update: Poser-App added

whoooop whooop ! .. we did it ! … after many technical challenges we finally found a solution to present hundreds of posing images with posing guidance text as overlay and a function to download it .. or to save a clipart-icon for you Photo-Session.

At least we now can offer you a huge variation of great poses !

Update: International body sizes & more

Hi there, we just want to let you know, that we don’t stand still.

So today we added some new small feature to the suite:

+ Jump-Helpers after submitting forms.

+ Improved some small stuff under the hood.

a new Page which can be opened parallel to check body sizes for different regions. This will help to enter data in european sizes.

Watch our Introduction-Video

Still unsure what Photo-Session-Planner can do to make your work easier ?

Take a look to our new video and get some insights, enjoy watching.


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Update: Shared rental studio records for all !

Great news for all our PRO-Members: After we received positive feedbacks from beta-tester and registered users, we decided to allow other users to view rental-studio-data from everybody.

As those data are public anyway, there should be no worries about data-security. The advantage to share those data is that users don’t need to enter the same details which somebody else already did – and even better : this is now even a small start of growing shared content, so everyone who’s interested to a studio at a specific location, can peek into exsiting records. We’re pretty sure that this will be extended to other elements in future as well.

Visit our YouTube-Channel

If you want to see Photo-Session-Planner in action, then feel free to visit our You-Tube-Channel and get some detailed insights. We’d love to get some feedback from you.


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How to plan a photo shooting

Did you know ? most of the photos you see (e.g. : magazines, publications or social medias) are taken basically with very simple photographic tools. If you carefully look at those prints, you can sometimes probably tell what the light source is from the shadows that fall on the model and roughly understand what really went into making that specific production. While anyone can take a photo using the same tools, it, does not necessarily mean that you will end up with the same cover page. A famous sentence is : “a good photographer don’t need expensive technique to make good photos, but they can help” Continue reading

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