Maintain your Photo-Shooting-Dates

Keep an eye over all your past and upcoming photo-shootings. It is your choice how you like to have it : via Online-Calendar, Excel(CSV)-List, separte Detailpage for every appointment.

assign models or clients to your appointments

maybe you have an order to do a special photo-shooting, or you agree to a TFP or PAY-Shooting. In each case it helps to record some details so that you've all in one place

Use the Dashboard

the Dashboard collects all relevant data for you and it's only one click to add/remove or change relevant elements to your photo-shooting-details


build brick by brick Ideas and visions for your photo-shooting. Take pictures in advance from your advanced Photo-Location-Exploration and put them together to a final Session-Plan

mobile usage

all pages have been developed carefully to fit on mobile devices as well. So you have all data with you wherever you've online access

Cost control

record all your costs for your shooting, either for billing or just for your private financial overview. You can split costs in categories and can even overwrite pre-calculated costs

Public Page

you like to share your Ideas with friends or your models/clients but don't want them to register here ? No Problem - we offer a feature to create a very safe solution for visiting your public released Photo-Session-Page (including a link to download an individual contract to be signed)

your Logo

it looks more professional if your Page, Reports, Bills, Contracts and Listings have your own Logo on Top. Upload in your profile and you don't ever need to care about it anymore. It will always be shwon when needed.


sure you can plan your routes by yourself, but with our service it is so easy to achive. .that you don't need to jump to other pages for that. And even more: on the Public Page there will be a Google-Maps-Link, leading your visitor to the desired spot so that they can plan their route as well.

Contract Generator

Photo-Shooting-Contracts are no secrets. The written words are mostly the same to all, so choose our PAY or TFP-Template and maybe add some individual agreements.


running out of ideas on what to shoot ? Need Inspiration and fresh input : Well, then open the Poser-App. Find dozen of categories with hundreds of poses and all come with special posing-tips and a download-link.

Online Calendar

see all your appointments anytime and anywhere online in your personal calendar. Where you can jump directly into the details to work on it or to check the data again for preparations.


it's sure hard to think and remember of everything which is important for your photo-shooting. So we offer your a checklist we prepared reminders + individual checklist-elements to add


just one click and you can quickly view/edit/delete and add more details to your photo-shooting. A traffic-Light-System is helping you to show the progress status.